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Canada Post Community Foundation Official First Day Covers 2017


Probably my favourite of all of these covers I've written over the past dozen or so year since I got to speak in the voice of a cat. Designed by Andrew Lewis. CatsDetails

Sentia Managed Storage e-book

An e-book explaining the benefits of outsourced storage managed storage. Design by VSN. Sentia_Storage E-Book_032216 FINAL

Untitled 2

O'Doughs website

Website for a gluten-free bakery. Design by Greenmelon Inc.


Website, packaging and sales material for a chic line of compression socks. SPRESSObrochureSpressoImage

Farm Boy Inserts

Holiday inspired content. Designed by greenmelon inc.




Qlik ebooks

Ebooks for a PA-based analytics platform provider. Design via Demand Spring.

Qlik Improving Sales Performance eBook Revised FinalQlik Improving Sales Performance eBook Revised Final

Qlik CRM vs ANALYTICS ebook Revised Oct 19Qlik CRM vs ANALYTICS ebook Revised Oct 19

Mad Men, Mad Women

Not exactly commercial work, but Mad Men, Mad Women is an article I wrote on the history of women in the advertising industry written for Herizons magazine.

Ferko Liblik, Inc.

Website copy for BI and business systems Ferko Liblik Inc, plus a mailer and companion ebook.

Design by IN-Design.





Print ad and newsletters for a luxury shoe retailer.

Design by Greenmelon Inc.

SoleaNewsletter solea_style_mar233


Aerus website

A recent website I worked on for Aerus from Magor Corporation. Design by John Kaldeway.

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Joy Parks
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Seed is the culmination of nearly 30 years of my experience as a copywriter, as both a freelancer and in senior creative staff positions at graphic design studios, publishing houses, communications firms and advertising agencies. I'm most familiar with retail, consumer and cultural/heritage organizations, but I've written for the technology industry, non-profits and many other business sectors. Other gigs have include working as a senior copywriter at the in-house agency of a major software developer, and editor and promotions manager at a children’s publishing company. I have ghost-written columns for tech CEOs on recruitment, innovation, marketing, branding and other business issues, written and co-produced original songs for a retail chain, developed professional summaries of business books for a well-known corporate educational publisher and been responsible for the creative content behind the Canadian stamp program. In my spare time, I write about food and literature for a number of magazines, and occasionally publish a short story or essay.

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