Creative Content


  • a seed  is a wonderful metaphor for creative content. It contains both the “content”—the new life—and messaging/instructions on how to grow it. It is intelligent creative content.


  • It's the written content that sets the tone for your brand and takes root to produce an impression or action in the minds of your target audience.


  • Seeds are viral. Watch a dandelion blow in the wind. Walk your dog through the woods. Or find that surprise sunflower a bird accidentally planted for you. The “message” gets carried far and wide.


  • Seeds are regenerative. There's an entire life is contained within a tiny seed. They are renewable in the most natural way, creative in the most basic sense.  Seeds evolve to meet existing conditions—like the best creative messages targeted to audiences or matched to media.


  • Incidentally, did you know that Seed catalogues were one of the earliest forms of branded content? They not only sold seeds, but also provided valuable gardening instructions along side the sales copy.